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trading strategy optimization using genetic algorithms

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GO For Tradestation..

Postby Moose » Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:33 pm

Hello all-

I am new to this forum and came here by way of researching this question on the TradeStation forums.

I am in search of a recommendation for a Genetic Optimization tool for Tradestation. It seems like the Grail Genetic Optimizer was by far the most favored software tool, but alas, it is no more. My questions for the people of this forum are two fold:

1) Does anyone have (or know someone with) a license for the Grail Genetic Optimizer that they wish to sell/Transfer?

2) If not, can anyone tell me if they have had good or bad experiences with any other genetic optimizers for TS? I realize this question has been asked, but the responses I can find are fairly outdated at this point.

It would be great to hear from regular users of the software. Here are the different versions I was able to find on the market:

1) Trade Smart
http://tsresearch.com/software/genetic_ ... optimizer/

2) Meyers Analytics

3) ForexNet.lv
http://www.forexnet.lv/DesktopDefault.a ... PageID=479

4) Genotic

Thank you in advance for contributions to this post.


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