Successful and Consistent Forex Trader

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Successful and Consistent Forex Trader

Postby HrForex » Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:48 pm

My name is Dana O?Keefe, as an account development specialist for Boston Trading and Research ( My job is to build financially beneficial business relationships with an array of high net worth individuals. We provide a managed (FOREX) product (A ranked professional trader). I would like to talk about a business relationship with you and myself.

Should you decide to partner with us as your Forex partner, you will find that we are unlike the typical currency trading operation.

Boston Trading and Research:

Is a New England based company with a stellar reputation. We at BTR work with CEO?s, CFO?s, Partners, successful business owner, and high net worth individuals worldwide. We have a RANKED trader: 1st for sharp ratio and 2nd for overall ROI for the last year. Averaging between 2-3% monthly return. Below is the outline of our managed Forex account program.

Our most popular product is called the FX-Platinum managed account program; Client?s funds allocated to this service will be managed by our head trader, Devrim Akyil, a highly experienced FOREX trader from Boston. He has been trading currency futures and options for over 16 years and has worked as a chief trader and head of different trading desks of various notable banks throughout Europe. With his remarkable professional experience as a trader and financial consultant, our trader has developed a highly successful and remarkably consistent FOREX trading strategy.
His conservative day trading strategy combined with a low-risk approach to money management can provide a very attractive return on investment and long-term capital growth prospects.
FX-Platinum (Funds traded over 50million)
- 20 profitable months
- 30% Maximum drawdown
- Target consistent 3%-4% per month
- Account Minimum: $100,000 USD.
- Investors have 24/7 real time online access to their accounts.
- Investors receive ?real time? email alerts for every trade executed.
- Investors can make deposits at any point and time of the month. Withdrawals can be made once a month for any amount as long as the account balance does not fall under $100,000.
Barclays report link: ... a/Currency

First and foremost I would like some feedback on what you think of my brief proposal. Good points? or Bad points? Once you do your due diligence and feel you could benefit from working with us I'd like to invite you to schedule a preliminary phone meeting.

Additionally, I take great pride in my work and building exceptional business relationships. For your initial inquiry, email me at or please call me direct: 617-314-9462

Finally, we do speak various languages within our office to increase your level of comfort and minimize communication issues. Please feel free to call or email to discuss strategy, questions, or comments. If you feel more comfortable chatting through msn skype, my screen name is "forex-king". I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Dana O'Keefe
Account Development Specialist
Boston Trading and Research
To open accounts email or call 24 hours a day at:
Office Phone: 617-314-9462
Cell Phone:774-521-6394
Fax: 617-292-2826
Skype ID: Forex-king

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