market and life, is it so different?

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market and life, is it so different?

Postby wangyue22 » Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:22 am

hello all fellow rats, i posted this on ff too but seem no one is responding so i hope to gain some insight from the fellow rats. here are again just some of my thoughts about the similarities between the market and life. it is a little long, so please bear with me.

Hello All,

dont really have much to contribute to this forum such as systems, new indis etc etc because i see no need for such things as market is random. (sorry if this offends anyone here on this forum, if you make money, you win, system lose, and thats the bottom line, different road, same destination)

so here go, its more of a thought process of mine rather than anything else, it is very conceptual and is not directly pertinent to the market, so if you have 5 minutes, read on, if you dont, ^.^ thanks for reading so far.

i want ask anyone who will read this thread and think about this question:
do you think you can control the market?

well, there is no wrong answer but the result of your forex trading will end up differently depend on your response.

=================================== ====================
if we become a pro-amateur in the market, we have dodged these banks/pro marketeers, but if we become a pro-amateur in life, we will be able to these see-able sharks a mile away. (oh, beautiful women divorcing old rich man comes to mind)

please dont let money make you a vessel in which it goes through, plug that leaking drain and remember to give back. you win money today, but someone lost. we think its the bank, banks dont care about 200 dollars, but someone who are using their life's savings to try to save their old home on this casino we called the market does.

well, i can go on and on about this, we all know market is fractual (remove the price and time, you cant tell a weekly from a daily candle). dont you think society is structured the same way? please take your free time and think about it.

(a simple example i thought many can relate to. the work ladder(-.- those 4 dreadful word, but is language fractal too??) )

take a simple pharmapheutical corporate company for example. technicians work for senior scientist, senior scientists work for section chief, section chiefs work for branch chief, branch chiefs work for vice president, vice presidents work for department head, department heads work for ceo, ceo work for the board, the board work the company, the company work for the economy of the country, the economy of a country work for the economy of the world(earth), earth revolves around the sun, the sun revolves around the center of the galaxy, the galaxy revolves around the center of the universe, the universe revolves around ->????? im inclined to say the smallest matter in side the universe, but i digress from the main example. im sorry, but my measely human brain can not comprehend anything new than to find analogies around things we already know or established as fact (or is it a fact??)

i was indicating that i inclined to say the universe work for the smallest materialistic matter inside the universe much like a company works for the country's economy, but its survival depends on the lower mass, the working bees so to speak, in essence, it works for the lower masses, the structure is both fractual and circular in nature, much like light is both a particle and a wave. doesnt the market have trending and cycle characteristics too, hmmmm....

i am sorry if the above two paragraph confused you, i really writing this out for myself too. ^.^ sorry, we are sinful to born with. (i really dont want to go into that, as i can write anther two pages about it with tangents after tangents, someone will find my ip and shoot me just to shut me up ^.^ but if you are interested, pm me, and i will be happy to share my views and see what other great minds out there thinks as well, and learn much more than me as one person can possibly perceive)
=================================== =======================
Below is another provoking "theory" i had. now i am no expert in market inter-relationship, i could be 100% dead F'ing wrong, i only tried to reflect onto the market with how my individual bank account is structured and this came to mind, please bare with me. ^.^ this one is more comically, i promise.

here is my simple one two punch theory to the current world economy in currency terms. (sorry if this is completely wrong as i have no extensive knowledge regarding the major factors that control the economy, but more or less my logic) also, i really need to get some rest, there are more birds on the arrow, either i forgot about them or just cant see it. my beaker is only 1.4L most things come and goes.

world currency is circular in nature. everything relates to one another. china yen = cheaper than perceived value, japanese yen = cheaper than perceived value. eur two years ago = perceived value. usd 2 years ago = perceived value. aussie dollar currently = perceived value (i may be wrong with these, so please correct me if im wrong, so i can logically correct myself)

since china and japan is not gonna raise their currency in value, in order for Benanke to print free money and the most of the world seeing it the same, it has to knock down euro to be cheaper than perceived value. sorry aussie, you are next, but the European croissant is enough for dessert for now.

most sees the news of how badly greece, ireland is in debt, but who lend the money to these countries in the first place??? much like a creditcard we carry in our wallet, we currently have 5k in debt on it, but our creditcard company only ask for 20 bucks in monthly payments plus interest, but imagine if the credit card company one day knocking on your door and asked for all the five K back, can we pay for it all in one lump sum, we cant.

the united states as a country cant do this directly (asking for the lump sum) but banks reside in teh united states can (fractual in nature compared to a credit card company and people). we may perceive a few banks failing as a bad thing, but the benefit to the country in the long term is so great as it gives them a reason to sh*t on the euro.

another bird benanke have on his golden arrow will be fear, its fear mixed with shorting that caused euro's 2 year back slide( cant be so easily done with money alone, money is only the small snowballl to get it rolling).

since china, japan, eur is now all cheaper in value than its worth, cant united states print out money but still retain its actually worth relatively to the world??

now what does benanke do with these so called free money. play it in the stock market, oh, but being a smartee pants that he is, he flash crashed the market first to know exactly his probability of win/lose (also how much he needs to keep the market a float, only 7 billion at once if able to bring DOW to its knees, we spent that much in a day on the Iraq war more or less).

so crash the economy had two benefit for him in the long run. 1: reason to sh*t on Europe through debt collection. 2: create fear in the herd to have a reason for government intervention in the stock market. (if we can make millions in a decade starting from 100k, how much money do you think the government have) edit: actually i see three so far: 3 being buying these so called "failing" banks' stock at a HUGE discount and have zero chance of losing money(giving the bank something as reason to collect their debts here and now).

oh but the fun for benanke doesnt stop there, we earned those 100k hard working for someone else, his playing money is...... what the word im looking for here, aha. FREE(relative to the world).

oh wait wait wait, wait for it, what is this, another bird i can put on my golden arrow. many think inflation is bad, but is it so bad??? its bad for those who have cash and no debt, but im sorry, most people have morgages and car payments and credit debt. by keeping the interest down, they make sure most can pay back the debt with less effort. but since world is fractual in nature, does the usa have debt as well, on hell yes we do. why dont we sh*t on china too by paying back all our debt that we made in the market with our free money and inflate the crap out of our money and pay them back all the trillions in debt relatively free.

oh wait, whats the next bird that i see on the horizon, oh, isnt this nice, world market is related. oh garsh darn, i made trillions, i wonder who lost all those money, ehhh who cares, lets pay all our debt back, boost our economy and feed the masses(we need enough happy rats on wheels to power our lightbulbs), at the same time, pay back our debt with free money.

oh wait, what is this i have in my other hand, is this a F'ing bazooka? so i have 12 birds on one arrow and a F'ing bazooka in the other. oh, look at those other hunters with their small bb guns, all they can ever do is feed on the guts of my birds when im done cleaning them.

i had fun writing this story. if its completely wrong, feel free to read it as a comic relief and all i ask for is some good laughs across the globe. and i apologize if this offend anyone's country. i think of myself not as chinese or american, but earthling. ^.^ we all need to be a bigger person

edit: before i go to sleep, i want to add something, when those aliens do come to earth and is revealed to the public, i will consider myself an universian, until then, earthling is what i perceive myself as. oh gosh, i am really tempted to write out my theories as to why alien exists. maybe another time if some people are interested in my crazy theories/stories.

but most importantly, tell me if i sound crazy?? my view changed on life just about a month ago, since then, crazy theories pop into my head.

thank you all for taking your precious time (which is the only limited thing for us, we can only live ~25000 days on this planet, time is money, we all heard it, but how many truly knows or follows this quote). and i deeply thank you for using something that is so precious to reply for someone whom you dont even know and have nothing to give back but his good wishes for you.

thank you

another poster's post:

Markets are not random. An Objects worth is not random. A Snickers bar is not $1.25 at 711 because it just randomly appeared on the sticker.

my post:

hmmm. interesting. but do you think money or value is one and the same?
which one do you think is static or and which one is perceived?

yes, the dollar amount on the sneaker bar is 1.25 as hard money, but its value is constantly changing. it may take awhile for that can of coke to change from 10 cent a can to 25 cent a can, but that is because the world is not that integrated yet. or you can substitute 1.25 for a sneakers bar at 711, how much was that sneakers bar 5 years ago??

isnt that what we are trying to do in the market. you may think its the dollar amount that end up in your account at end of the day that matters. but we are really trying to do in the market is to make the difference in perceived value.

for example, you trade in the united states with USD as your basic currency, you made 200 dollars in usd today. do you think the value of that 200 dollars is static or is it constantly changing relative to the japanese yen, the aussie dollar, the british pound??

take the famous Zimbabwe debacle for example, before the massive inflation, you made a billionaire dollars in Zimbabwe but decide to quit and become the warren buffet of Zimbabwe. year after year you realize that gallon of milk is raising in value. did your bank account dollar amount change o.O

oh, another thing to think about for you, do you think that big table yo have your computer on is static. do you think earth is static? there are random electrons constantly revolving around the nucleus, im pretty sure you took chem 101. now apply the same logic to the 1.25 sticker,

do you think out of all the workers at the sneakers factory, you can know for sure who putted that sticker on the sneaker? (with out insider information o.O oh, where have we heard that term before)

can you vouch with your life that Joe put that 1.25 stick on that sneaker bar you just bought instead of Jane?

or i can put it another way, is the 1.25 sticker always at the same place, can you vouch on your life that the sticker is 2.000000 cm to the inifinity decimal place when looking at it from the right to the left.

thank you for your reply, appreciate your insight, always a pleasure to use my brain, i understand value versus $ much better now.

if you think the market is not random, count the number of up bars versus downbars for the history of the forex market, i think you will be enlightened afterwards.

yes, it may be 9 red candles in a row on the hourly charts, if you took the above task and counted the up/down candles, what does that tell you about the shift in the equilibrium, cant you use that to your advantage?

another thing for you to think about, if only a select few make money in the market, and its red after red, most people are selling, what does that tell you your action should be?

anyway, thank you for using your priceless time and reply. although a bit short -.-

edit: on i just realize that you used bottom line for your topic, but isn't my bottomline lower than yours? ^.^ sorry, that was meant to be joke
oh, i just realized that i may have made a mistake replying to your post and wasted my time. you never read past the second sentence. -.- oh, people, thinking they are all so much better than the rat they just killed with a shovel,

but dont you think most people can be seen as rats on wheels powering the light bulb we call society.

i wrote this thread with the intention of opening people's eyes, even if it can reach one of you, then it is enough for me.

anyways, somebody gotta be the working bees ^.^

i also believe

success = iq * learning curve * effort * wisdom. (more or less)

so lets make some analogies here so you that you may be able to understand.

think about your iq as your computers harddrive, i have a 258 mb hard drive you have 1 trillionbyte. you are able to store SOOO much more information than me.

think about your learning curve as your cpu, ok, this time i lucked out, we are the same. we process information more or less the same speed.

oh what this, effort? this might be little harder to understand. how long can you leave this computer on to process the information that we are constantly receiving?

the forth component of this computer so to speak is the software, do you have a software thats is full of holes and crash like windows or is your software mac based and runs most time without fail? and how good is this software in analyzing data, does it only go from 0 to positive infinity or does it go from negative infinity to positive infinity?

well, this was fun. hope you post more questions, but please at least read the entire post first before posting? i see you are a member already and dont need to post stuff to gain member status. what was your reason for posting, i am really curious to know

oh and please post more questions, jfxnc is able to post question without reading pass the second paragraph, im sure most of you here can post another question after reading through the entire post.


sorry about the copy and paste job, my brain capacity is very low, these thoughts just flow through them but the concept is the same.

i really appreciate any input or if there are any loop hole in my way of thinking.

thank you for taking the time

i get it now TRO, why you stopped explaining and just blunting telling us to see, but i think of the ff thread as a experiment, i want to see what the majority's psychology/thinking is so that i may improve upon my thinking. once you learn something, it almost impossible to unlearn.
"find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life" Confucius

"its all relative" Eisenstein

"if you love everything, then nothing is work, if you think everything is work, then nothing is work" Confustein ^.^

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