Margin Bonus vs Trade-able Bonus. What's your preference?

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Margin Bonus vs Trade-able Bonus. What's your preference?

Postby descaboy » Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:52 pm

Forex brokers use a long time Margin Bonus to attract traders. But you can't use Margin Bonus to trade. As long as you're trading successfully the bonus will stay on your balance. But if you're losing, the bonus will be removed once you hit about 10% of your deposit on your balance.

On the other hand, trade-able bonus can be used to trade. Even if you loss your original deposit, the amount left in your account which is bonus you can still try to recover from it.

So personally, I don't see the meaning of heaving funds on my account that I can't use to trade with.

So what's your preference? having money that you can't trade with or money that you can use to trade?

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