Professional SIGNALS For ALL Instruments!

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Professional SIGNALS For ALL Instruments!

Postby Powertradingsignals » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:34 pm


We will provide you with the best real-time communication tools to be able to receive and follow our signals in real-time when the market moves.

For computer users we have a PowerTradingSignals instant messenger that securely and reliably delivers signals and market news directly on your desktop. This works like Skype, but we operate the entire infrastructure (also the server side) so that we are sure that our trading signals reach destination on time.
For mobile trades we partner with Palringo, the best instant messenger for any mobile platform (iPhone, Blackberry, Android etc.).
Once subscribed you will receive your access credentials and Instant Messenger configuration to be able to start following our signals and exceed expectations!
Enjoy your trading with Power Trading Signals!

Simple, Effective, Clear. Our Trading Signals
are studied to guide Individual Traders, Banks,
Funds Managers, Corporations and Investors,
though resolute market timing, easy to read approach
and safe trade management.

Because a Trading Signal service must help you taking
trading decisions with confidence and consistency.
It must be easy to read and quick to apply,
so you can benefit from market oportunities in a timely manner.


Date: Monday, 21. Juni 2010
Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Webinar - TIME 02:00 pm GMT+2

To subscribe to our FREE LIVE Trading Session please contact us at sales(at) EURO SCALPER PRO a Scalping system is a trading strategy that attempts to ...make... many profits on small price changes. Generally, ...traders who implement this strategy will place anywhere from 10 to a couplehundred trades... in a single day in the belief that small moves in stockprice are easier to catch than large ones.We have a different concept of scalping - Our scalping strategy in fact enters way maximum 20 times a day and takes a profit 4/6 times bigger than a regularscalping system. Stop losses are 2/3 time smaller than take profitsand are extremely rare. If fact this strategy has top hit rate as it calculates in the sharpest accuracy entry points.

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Postby Gino_Romano » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:41 am

After analysis of the market trader must know he will work to increase or decrease. In addition to this time he must decide what portion of their capital should be invested in the deal. And finally the last step is the actual purchase or sale contract. This is a very complex part of the whole process of trade on margin where the definition of the exact time of opening and closing of positions should be as accurate as possible. The final decision as to how and where to enter the market should be based on a combination of technical factors, the principles of money management and the type of stock exchange orders. Examples of convenient tools can be found here

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Postby PTG » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:32 pm

The reason that peope lose money is because they listen to spammers.

Stop wasting bandwith of this site with your spam :smt075

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