GG-Trendbar for VertexFX

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GG-Trendbar for VertexFX

Postby omsaitech5551 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:08 pm


We have converted GG-Trendbar indicator for VertexFX. GG-TrendBar is a powerful

VertexFX indicator that shows the trend of current pair for all timeframe.

GG Trendbar Plots the timeframe on the chart with the different values and timeframe M1,

M2.. etc . This values are used for the corresponding label objects creation on the chart and

the calculated close price is placed above the corresponding object

The trend calculation is based on Average Directional Index(ADX) and Parabolic SAR(PSAR).

UP Trend : ADX is going up and PSAR is below close price

DOWN Trend : ADX is going down and PSAR is above close price.

In the Indicator Setting we can set setting for both ADX and PSAR. It also Display Setting

where we can change color for up trend, down trend, flat trend and text color.

GG Trendbar can be further expanded to get different colors for the buy and sell signals in

the corresponding timeframes.
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