NeoTicker Handling of Data Persistence

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NeoTicker Handling of Data Persistence

Postby TriageTrader » Thu May 20, 2010 3:27 am

Hi All,

My first post :-)

Trying to ween myself off Tradestation EasyLanguage. I'd like to get some opinions from experts who use NeoTicker. I have so much code written over the years for TS (even way back in the day with SystemWriter and SuperCharts).

Recently, TS has just ticked me off one too many times, and I think it might be time (for my own personal trading at least) to choose another primary Trading Platform.

A few questions (and thanks in advance!):

1. How does NeoTicker handle variable persistence for functions? In Tradestation, each function call (found in the code) retains an instance of its variables.

Is the NeoTicker HEAP behavior same as the normal variables persistence in tradestation? and PHEAP beheaves as IntrabarPersist in Tradestation?

2. Does NeoTicker have its own library of current time and date functions, and specific handling of bar and tick status, and when data is historical versus real-time?

3. The manual (page 1636, btdoc.pdf) mentions idlcallex as entry point for standard DLL, but samples in C:\Program Files\TickQuest\NeoTicker4\Samples\VC++ Examples only illustrate function idl_call. Would I be able to use C++ code using function idlcallex. I think I know how to do it, but is there an easy example I can find?

4. Just roughly scanning through the NeoTicker manual, I see that function entry idlcallex is introduced in NeoTicker 4.1. If I get third-party libraries or open source code, will this change between versions complicate my using older code?

5. I have a lot of ADE and EL Collection code. Though I know I should probably port it to C#, as a temporary method, could I still use the ADE and EL Collection DLL's with NeoTicker (wrap it up in some way) so I can make a quicker jump from TS to NeoTicker?


I see TRO uses Metatrader and has the Motherlode for Metatrader. Has he chosen Metatrader over NeoTicker to do his trading software development? Just curious as to why.

Thanks again for the information if someone has it. I'd like to take the leap away from TS!

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