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myAgent IDX - iPhone Application

Postby Hyun Wehby » Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:22 am

Included with all accounts is the brandable myAgent IDX iPhone app you can promote alongside your website. This is a specific application designed for the iPhone, so the end user must download and install the iPhone app in order to use it.


How to Install the iPhone App:
In order to install the iPhone application, iPhone users will need to download the myAgent IDX application from the iTunes App Store. We provide easy to link banners that help you promote the iPhone app on your website, conveniently located inside the IDX Control Panel (more details below), providing your users one-click access to the app download:

myAgent IDX
Or you can create your own links and/or promotional materials and send iPhone users directly to the download via the following link:

Download myAgent IDX from iTunes here

Users can also easily locate the myAgent IDX app, by searching the keyword ?IDX? inside the iTunes App Store.

How to Customize:
Even if you do not have an iPhone yourself, not to worry, you can still easily customize your myAgent app within your IDX Control Panel. It's important to realize that 48% of all the mobile browsing traffic in September 2009 in the United States was from iPhone users. So even if you personally do not own an iPhone, 48% of the mobile web users in your market do!

To modify your custom iPhone settings, navigate to the Mobile tab inside your IDX Control Panel.

iphone idx tab

You now have the ability to choose the app color you wish to have users see when they access your myAgent IDX app. You can enter a color number or use the color picker to choose your exact color. Your featured listings logo will already be displayed in the iPhone preview window if you have previously uploaded one to the system (see Upload Custom Logo on how to add or modify). If you do not already have a logo saved in your account, it is highly recommended that you do so to increase brand awareness on the iPhone app, as well as your featured listings throughout your website. Keep in mind that images are fixed at 100 x 50 pixels, so you will want to adjust your logo accordingly before upload.

How to Promote It:
Inside the Mobile Applications Settings area we provide you with a few options that help you promote the use of your myAgent IDX iPhone app. These promotional elements are provided to you in many different colors and styles, if you prefer not to build your own. Whether you use our banners or create your own, it's important for you to remember to supply your users with your Agent Code. That number is automatically displayed in the banners provided, so if you create your own, be sure to include this in those materials.

In order for your users to use the search tool on the iPhone, they must enter your special IDX Agentcode. This tells the system which account to display and which MLS area to search. Your code is unique to your account and allows your users to access your branded account and listings from all of the MLS areas you are currently approved to display within your web-based IDX account.

myagent idx

Once they enter your one-time agent code, it will be stored in their preferences and will not have to be entered again. Each time the user launches the app, they will be directed to your custom branded iPhone IDX map search page, no code needed. The user can then take advantage of all the great listing search tools available and easily contact you directly from the app, from any listing, with any questions they may have.

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