MB Trading ECN??

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MB Trading ECN??

Postby leonyde » Fri May 28, 2010 6:30 pm

I was opening an account with them to check how they are and I saw this:

The foreign currency trading you are entering into is not conducted on an exchange. MBTF is acting as a counterparty in these transactions and, therefore, acts as the buyer when you sell and the seller when you buy. The prices MBTF offers might not be the best prices available.

Although MBTF is the counterparty to each of your trades, MBTF limits risk to itself by instantaneously offsetting the trades and positions it enters into with you with a bank or institutional market maker. As a result, MBTF does not profit when you lose money on a Trade. Rather, MBTF earns commissions on each trade it enters into with you. The amount of commissions charged is disclosed on MBTF's website at http://www.mbtrading.com/fx/.

What does that mean :?:

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Postby Tresor » Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:29 pm

''If MBTF is the counterparty to each of your trades'' as you say, then it means:

(i) MBTF is not an ECN broker - otherwise you would have a number of different buyers / sellers being counterparties to your trades;

(ii) MBTF gives the best prices on the market and no other party via ECN can beat MBTF - I rather doubt it.

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