Dataaze of FX brokers with spread statistics.

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Dataaze of FX brokers with spread statistics.

Postby Martin » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:15 pm

No need to input real e-mail (if asked), just use something like

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Postby adaseb » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:47 am

Nicely designed website.

However I haven't heard of more than half the brokers there.

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Postby The_Snowman » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:17 am

Hi there and thank you for joining Service.

The idea of creating a Live Spread publishing site originally appeared in the mind of the forex trader Hans Bowles who has become really known for his revolutionary idea of free publishing of Metatrader statements

While visiting the forex forums, Hans noticed that the main questions of the fellow traders still remain unanswered:

- Where to find best spreads?

- Which broker provides lowest spreads?

- Where is the lowest spread for a certain pair?

- How to know the true spread history if the spread is always changing?

- Which brokers provide fair trading conditions for scalping?

- Which brokers cheat and increase the spreads during the Asian or other sessions?

It is really impossible for a normal trader to install dozens of Metatrader clients from different brokers and compare the spreads in real time.

We've got a problem and we've got to find the solution said Hans' girlfriend Melanie, and she began to work. After a few months she developed a fully automated solution for publishing all spreads from all brokers in real-time.

The system became so powerful that it gathered all the spreads for all currency pairs from well over 30 brokers and compare them in real time!

The main advantage of the Service is that it is fully independent the broker that provides the best spreads gets the highest score. The conditions are fair for all brokers and there are no exceptions.

The visitors are provided with full honest pictures on MT4 Broker spreads in real-time. Mt4Spreads creators don't accept any fees from brokers to get the higher position in the list. And the service is fully free for the members!

And here is the full disclaimer: the only money MT4Sreads is doing by using the IB links for some brokers and sending promotional offers to its members.

Here are the main benefits of MT4 Spreads service:

- Free Real Time Publishing of Spreads from over 30 MT4 brokers

- Full spread history for each currency pair

- Broker comparison calculator

Hans and the Team

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