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automatic order execution

Postby michal.kreslik » Mon May 22, 2006 3:06 pm

I am responding to mrlogic's msg:

Hey guys.

I am working on a strategy which I would like to automate on the FX.
Who knows when TS will get their act together and present the long
awaited FX automation. If anyone else is having TS entry / exit
signals automated with another company, and had good results please
share. I am working on a C++ program which can act as the middle man
if I can find a broker which has an API (which doesn't charge $600 per
month) for its use.

Thanks guys.


One of the reasons I did chose Tradestation in 2005 was that their representative told me forex order execution would be fully automated at the beginning of 2006. Now it's May 2006 and nothing happened.

Still worse, after many repeating requests on the TS forum, TS representatives now maintain that, quote:

To All:

Current target for automated forex on the platform is year end.

Dean Corry
Registered Representative, TradeStation Securities

The problems is that Dean Corry forgot to tell us what year exactly is he talking about 8)

Link to the unsoothing "Automated Forex trading?" thread on the Tradestation forums: ... 125&Page=3
(just for the record, notice how many posters in the thread are now NAs :D )

It is a great shame for Tradestation that they still don't have forex automation. I am using CMS as a forex broker and though the platform is rather simple compared to Tradestation, they still offer the automated order execution functionality. In fact, I am just working on rewriting the strategies I am using day in & day out to that primitive language of CMS platform to automate the strategies I developed in Tradestation. Isn't life just puzzling :?

I may post my experiences with automated order execution when I put it together with CMS platform, if you are interested, mrlogik.


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