Yes a losing trade time to learn

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Re: Yes a losing trade time to learn

Postby bettlebox » Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:47 pm

thanks TRO. Noted and logged :)

TheRumpledOne wrote:
bettlebox wrote:Hi

i took this trade on EUR/USD today at 8am H1 was up and D1 was down. i entred at trigger line. The very next bar turned against me closed at -19 pip lose.

my thoughts are this what TRO would say, "anything could happen".

Is there anything i could done differently to spotted this?

I know i could of closed it bit sooner this something i need to work on.

any comments would be appreicated. ... directlink


NB: im not playing rat zone. Im think you call buyzone plays .

Price had moved up quite a bit before you entered. Have you read about BUZZARD REVERSALS?

BUZZARD REVERSAL - after 3 or more consecutive like-colored H1 candles.. you wait for the current candle to reverse in color

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