Volume weighted MACD + other volume weighted indicators need

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Volume weighted MACD + other volume weighted indicators need

Postby Tresor » Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:08 pm

Hello Guys,

Does somebody happen to have easylanguage codes for Volume Weighted MACD or Volume Weighted RSI (what I read VWRSI = Money Flow Index) or yet some other other volume weighted momentum-type indicators?

Maybe someone could translate VWMACD from Neoticker http://forums.neoticker.com/archive/ind ... t-158.html please?

BTW, could someone explain what is the difference between Money Flow and Money Flow Index? This site http://www.tradecision.com/support/indicators.htm claims the two indicators are not the same. I have only Money Flow so I cannot asses. If you have Money Flow Index (easylanguage), please attach this file.


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