TRO's Indicators: RT only or EOD too?

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TRO's Indicators: RT only or EOD too?

Postby netarchitech » Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:27 am


I am very interested in knowing whether or not TRO's indicators are purely for RT or would they be operable in an EOD setting, as my current schedule dictates looking at EOD solutions only trading-wise at this point in time...

Regardless of the response to the aforementioned inquiry, as many have so eloquently stated before me, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to TRO for his very generous contributions to fellow traders. I would also like to thank MK for his commendable efforts to provide this place for TRO to be able to freely display his considerable talents and conduct a truly admirable campaign of programmatic philanthropy while unencumbered by crass commercial nonsense 8)

FWIW, I am looking forward to continuing to build upon my current knowledgebase so I may hopefully be able to contribute in some manner and "pay it forward" at some point in the near future...

Live Strong and Prosper,



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