significant differences in PIPs

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significant differences in PIPs

Postby drlmg » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:40 pm

I have noticed a significant discrepancy in PIPs between different data feeds. I trade with fxsolutions and have practice accounts with a few places that offer MT4 trading, I am switching to one of them soon.

Example... last night I was watching a few currency pairs on the MT4 account at FX Open because I can get a better idea on trends on MT4. I would see a big spike or drop, turn to the fxsol. to execute a trade and there would be as much as a 10 PIP difference on currency pairs. I thought at first it may be the fee they deduct for trades but it wasn't. That fee is added / deducted at the time of the transaction. Usually the fxsol. would catch up to what FX Open reported as current level. Sometimes it wouldn't. I especially noticed a big discrepancy during periods when there was a lot of movement. I observed periods of up to 30 - 60 seconds of no movement in PIPs even when FX Open was showing a lot of movement. This would happen on certain pairs, others may be moving while the one I would be currently trading would not. I know the graphs and PIPs normally have periods of being static with no price change but that was not the situation.

Something funny..... before market close last friday I tried to sell some pairs to close everything. It showed the sale went through but when I logged on to my account yesterday they were still there and to my surprise they were up much higher than what I had supposedly sold at. On one pair I sold at a gain of almost 70 PIPs !! To me and my trading record that is a BIG gain!!

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