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Postby speed26 » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:42 pm

"Higher timeframes help to measure level of Exhaustion.
Lower timeframes help to measure level of Momentum."

Never thought of that to be honest, but mainly due to the big knot in my head with TF's. Any chance you could direct me to a thread here or any more info on this topic please? Either way cheers for that, certainly is interesting...

"It can be :
Price - how high and low (no introductions here)"

Sorry for the ignorance, but what exactly do you mean with how high and low? Are you referring to a reference point and then how high or low price is relative to the ref. point?

"Time - how left and right (same)"


"Angle Slant - how steep (e.g. trendlines)"

This is interesting. Some people say markets are composed of waves, which are then composed by impulsive and corrective moves.

Back in the day when busting my a$$ on grid approaches i wanted to build a system that would either breakeven or make profit. To do this i split price movement into smaller segments/movements.

Long story short, i havent managed to build such system, although i came close...very close. :roll:

However! I took my thoughts of segmenting price movement into smaller parts, and combined it with the impulse/corrective comment from above.

If starting from a reference point, one can actually build/classify all the different momentum/retracements that ocurred, angle-wise.

Any thoughts on this?

Depth - how deep -> Volume (e.g. tick/contracts)"

Hmm...Thing is, how do we see this in spot fx? Only futures would show us this wouldnt it?

Am I correct in assuming these 4 points are different dimensions of a market?


PS: Sorry for hijacking the thread :oops:

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Postby Relativity » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:47 pm

If thats the case, I think we better move this discussion to my thread? Coz my replies aren't gonna talk about ZL and momos, even there is some relation.

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