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Newbie to this forum

Postby alberto75 » Sat Mar 01, 2008 2:49 pm

Hi all

New to this forum - hello!

I have a big passion for trading. For 10 years I have studied what's the best financial instrument and software for trading. Currently, I trade forex and use Tradestation and GainCapital for my trading ideas and order execution but I'm not satisfied. I have tried many trading system (15-20) but all have the same problem: spread+commission devast profits. :cry: If spread+commission are >2 pips (and this is possible) equity curve line go down. After have readed the study of Mr. Kreslik regarding the EFX spread, I'm trying the EFX platform but there's a problem; how I can interface Tradestation with this broker? Could you help me?

I think that my trading ideas is similar that TheRampedOne ideas. I have readed the Buy Zone guide (very sample strategy). I have also downloaded and installed the indicator but I don't have understanded how use it.

ThaRampedOne, could you help me to understand how to use your indicators?


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