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New(ish) Member Introduction

Postby SkavenDC » Thu May 20, 2010 12:44 pm

I just wanted to introduce myself here on Kreslik. My name is Edward. I have actually been a member here for a little while but this will be a break from the norm. I usually sit in the background and let everybody else do all the talking. On these Forex forums, I was hoping to sit back, learn something and make some money. This has not happened. I have noticed that the people that seem to be making this work are the ones that are talking. Asking questions, offering advice and generally talking about whatever system they are participating in. So, that is where I am.

Let me give you my Forex back-story. I?ll try and keep it short.

Round 1 ? Started with Gain at Demoed for awhile, but only had moderate success. Thought I would figure it out as I went so I opened a $250 mini account. Long story short, it?s gone. Aside from the fact I had no idea truly what I was doing; the inability to trade less than a full contract on their platform killed my account quickly. Took a year off. Lesson learned; Money Management.

Round 2 ? Discovered MT4 (and the mini and nano lot) and other brokers. I did a lot of reading before I even opened a demo account. I also discovered all these Forex forums. Wealth of good information. Even larger wealth of crap information. Got on beta testing a commercial EA for somebody (who will go unnamed). Pretty good success in the beginning until he started making too many changes that were not in the direction of the original plan. His project, not mine so?.whatever. Actually opened another mini account and put his EA on it. It did lose me $35 of my mini account, but it made a whole lot of trades, so I?m not worried about that. The combination of an overload of information, running 8 copies of MT4 on my machine beta testing and still losing money burned me out. Withdrew most of my money and took another year and a half off. Lesson learned; maybe Forex is not for me.

Round 3 ? Today.

Even though I am not 100% convinced that Forex isn?t a scam, a part of me still believes that money can be made in it. A lot of people equate Forex to gambling, and part of me feels the same. At the end of my second venture into Forex, my father turned me on to this guy that was getting banned from all the Forex forums because he was telling the true story. Everybody here knows who that is.

So, that?s where I am at. This may be my last venture into this. I have my very small (and I do mean small) account at a fixed-spread bandit, but even with the new rules and regulations, I can still trade. I am not putting anything else into it unless I am able to see results. I care little about the value of my pips or making large amount of money now. I just want to see the pips. I have erased most of the old information that I had acquired in the past and am starting fresh. Since Baby-Pips has taken the NLA thread down (real pisser is that I had the entire thread, pictures and all, as of May 09 on a CD, but I can?t find it), I had started reading the one on FxFisherman. So far I have only made visual trades, but I have done fairly well. I will demo this until I am comfortable with it. I will try and keep some sort of journal on here and if I have any questions, I will ask. Any questions/comments/criticisms, please feel free.

Good Trading

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