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Postby tfg » Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:51 pm

But, you have got to have some basic guidelines, right? I can't imagine anyone can trade successfully as and when he feels so?

ZEN wrote:
tfg wrote:Zen, do you trade RAT? Or, some other methods?

ZEN wrote:For SilverArrow00:

And just a little psichology.
Once, Tro asked about the edge, but he knew why.

You asked about an edge. What edge? What edge? There it's no edge!!!
If you think or start to think about the edge you will never winn, you will never do something, you will never play any game. If you think of edge you will never winn any game, any war.
It's all about the game. You go and play the game, THIS IS THE EDGE.
You like football, you go and play, you like baseball, you go and play. You like something you go and do that something. There it's no edge but the life it's self.
Go and play! Enjoy the game!

I do not have any specifical method. Today I was not a rat. There are many good methods but it's not the method it's self who make money for you but it's how you aply this methods.
Some times I just wach the charts and I see that I have to go long or short. I only know one thing: what goes up must come down and what goes down must come up.
Some times I use some signals but not alone. There it's another rule I use: the 4 week rule. I don't trade every day. I don't use indicators of any kind.
Pacience is another name of the game.

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Postby ZEN » Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:09 pm

tfg, the price it's my guide line. I did not trade it today, for example.
I have discipline but not the military discipline type.
There it's not any universal trading methods or trading strategy. Every method or strategy it's a personal one. You have to find one that is propper for your personality and your program.
I have one golden rule: When I set up a trade I allways keep an eye on my trade. I never set-up a trade and leave it or forget about because different bad thing may happen. I allways cut the lose short.
Most important, do not trade if you feel that you will not make money. If you feel that the markets are to volatille or the markets are so called sideway.
And if you have a small account trade small, micro or mini lots. If you have a medium or big account you can trade lots starting from 01 lot until 1 or more lots.
You will find here a lot about money management or risk management. The risk management it's the first important thing in forex as I sayd on other topics and on my own thread and as other traders and forum members have sayd here. The second most important thing is your own self control. Don't be greedy and don't be afraid to lose. Don't overtrade. In order not to lose cut short the loses. EVERY DAY, IN FRONT OF YOUR MONITOR, BE PACIENT, VERY PACIENT. TRADE ONLY WHEN YOU FEEL CONFIDENT. That's it!
Today it's better!

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