Help using data2

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Help using data2

Postby kraziekris » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:27 am

Hi im using the jlhma on my 15 min chart and would like a second line on that chart pulling the data from data2 which is my 60 min chart.

Can someone please help me modify the code below to draw a second line with data drom data2.

Code: Select all

Inputs: price(Close), length(21), zeroLine(0.0), zeroVisible(false), upColour(Green), downColour(Red), colourDeltaBar(1); Value1 = jtHMA(price, length); Plot1(Value1, "jtHMA"); If ZeroVisible = true then Plot2(zeroLine, "Zero"); { Color criteria } if (Value1 > Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, upColour) else if (Value1 < Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, downColour);

Many thanks


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