Guys, I just CAN'T do foreign exchange... I've tried

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Postby eudamonia » Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:43 pm

I think the biggest issue honestly is sticking with something long enough to see it's statistical probability actually emerge. Most discretionary traders don't do this. As airball said trading results can vary quite a bit and this does not necessarily indicate failure in the trading system.

Do yourself a favor and take any 1 system you like - keep it simple like Avery's buyzone. Take 60 trades with it. Trade it like a robot. Review the results. Do this until you find what works for you.

Another tip. The longer your trading timeframe the easier it is to make money. You may have to wait longer on a 4 hour chart than a 4 minute chart, but you have a much easier time making money on the longer time frame.

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