Do the methods and indicaotrs really work?

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Do the methods and indicaotrs really work?

Postby nkhawaja » Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:50 am

question to Novice users and beginners, have you guys tried the methods e.g. milk the cow, drain the bank, and if there other methods that you might find in the huge and ever growing threads like never lose again etc.

i tried to apply the methods, i looked into the threads for a long time, but i am unable to execute the methods, either i am too novice or there is something that these threads claims might not be useful.

all these threads proudly claims to be most viewing, but is it really useful to a person who is novice.

is there any way to simpify or abstract these emails. they keep growing and growing, do think we have time to go over all the messages?

positive criticism please and help.

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Postby Patch » Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:17 am


Welcome to Kreslik and the brave new world of trading. Every single man and lady on this thread and everywhere else who is trading around the world started right where you are right now.

Start simple and forget all the rest of the many wonderful distractions found here and else where. I think the simplest trading strategy is BuyZone, you can look it up under search. I spent 30 minutes playing with a idea I've been wondering about. I was going to post a page of that chart, except I wiped it out when I tried a different template. Such is trading and learning.

Learn it, and do 100 demo trades with it, then open a mini account and trade 100 times with each pip worth 10 cents. Small steps and conservative money management and risk exposure will keep you in the game long enough to learn what you need to learn.

ENOUGH being a Yalie for me Back to the Sea. "What i can lose, i can win" "YES YOU CAN" - dragon33 -"Pick one method and one pair and stick with them until you master it. "The choice is yours - success or failure." TRO

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