Day in the life of a trader

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Day in the life of a trader

Postby dntconcord » Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:58 pm

I am a struggling new trader... five months into reading books, on trading, options, mindsets, technical?s, fundaments, trading platforms, trading information resources, blogs, news, Securities, options, Forex (have not gone to commodities yet). Has anybody been where I am??? I am taking this year to paper trade(and WHAT A YEAR) to define my trading style. This post is to the seasoned traders...

I know there are all walks of life as traders. I currently work four 10hour day
(7:30am-6:00pm) sat,mon,tues,wed my work allows be to have a laptop on my desk with online access.

Please explain what is important to YOU to be a successful trader along with HOW YOUR DAY WORKS from when you wake-up to when you go to sleep.
Also the following bullets are what comes to my naive and novice mind? just cut and paste put your answer below the question:

How long have you been trading
Do you have a job?
Do you have a family? just married, kids? words of wisdom regarding family and trading
What you trade: securities, options, forex
Type of trader: day, swing, position
When and how much research is done daily

Also if possible... what are your most important tools and how/how often you use them in your day?
Trading platforms,
News services
Auto strategy systems
Others that I do not know about

Thank you for your time. My hope, my prayer, my goal is not to be someone who is staring at charts all day, listening to the ?talking heads?, or reading the endless information that is now surrounding us? unless that is what it takes.
I am respectfully,


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