anyone have tips on using Vantage Point software for trdin

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anyone have tips on using Vantage Point software for trdin

Postby chanika » Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:15 pm

I find the short term moving average more predictable to base the trends for the following day or two. What I find unnerving is that it is not as simple as "buy" when the blue line crosses the "black line" as advertised on their website! Especially if the market is quite choppy, this could lead to many whipsaws. I also do not find the neurl index very useful, as at times the market goes in the opposite direction to the neural index. What I do find useful, although this was not suggested by the marketing department, was the use of the short term predictive average crossing the medium term moving average and or the 10 day sma; these proved better as a predictive trend for day trading. I fould the predictive ranges for the next day very misleading and certainly very unreliabe for placing stop losses or take profit levels.

Does anybody have any good experience with this software?

Your response will be much appreciated!

Thank you!


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