Sirin Labs Informs Users of Hack of SRN Holder

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Sirin Labs Informs Users of Hack of SRN Holder

Postby » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:56 pm

Sirin Labs, the producer of a mobile phone with military-grade security, has announced on its Telegram channel that a major SRN token holder was hacked.

SRN is a token which was sold in an ICO to fund the development of a line of devices under the name FINNEY.  The ICO raised ‎$157.8 million, making it the fourth largest ever at that time. At the moment, SRN has a market capitalisation of $44.2 million according to

[url=]Time to buy the dip?[/url]

More than 40 percent of SRN tokens are concentrated on Bittrex, a Las Vegas-based cryptocurrency exchange, according ... (read more)

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