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Postby Mr. Hyde » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:32 am

brettnchrism wrote:
Mr. Hyde wrote:
dojirock wrote:
You need to wait for the retest of the Doji zone then enter on the Breakout of something. You entered to early.


Yea Doji's back!

Here was a trade taken today using a Doji box. I normally just use in on the 15m chart and I enter one of two ways. Either price enters the box and then leaves the box and I enter on the exit of the box. Or I will enter part of the position if the candle closes in the box and then the rest when it leaves the box.

I haven't found my preferred SL placement. At most I try to use no more then 20 pips or look at the high of a candle of the box.

Mr Hyde how is that box drawn? Manual or is it a indi? thanks


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