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Forex broker - Yadix

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:22 am
by Lionfx
hi guys!

My scalping robot is trading very aggressive and profitable, so always I have issues with brokers and always I'm looking for new reliable broker.

I've got very interesting and attractive offer from broker Yadix. How I understood, they don't have any restrictions for scalping robots and have fast execution.

Before I join them, need some feedback from traders.

Re: Forex broker - Yadix

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:33 am
by Razar Remon
I always prefer to keep myself away from commenting on brokers that I haven’t worked with, but one of my friend recently lost nearly 1k with this company, so I believe it’s important to tell others about broker that doesn’t care about their clients!

Re: Forex broker - Yadix

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:46 pm
by Captain Pugwash

Re: Forex broker - Yadix

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:32 am
by ChadRd22
My EA is specialist high frequency scalping system, not all brokers can handle the aggressive way it trades and the volumes it generates. It requires true stp (no dealing desk conditions and very low spreads). Yadix gives me average spread of 0.1 pips on eurusd, no restrictions for open/close of orders and very fast execution.

So far the EA is making good money and there is no delay in withdrawal of profits. For me it's a solid STP broker with very good conditions

Re: Forex broker - Yadix

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 8:36 pm
by Razar Remon
I believe you could try out demo first instead of directly starting up, as surely this is something that could help you big time. I operate with FreshForex where I feel entirely convinced, so maybe try that on demo first. I don’t have idea about Yadix.