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Axoni Taps Citadel’s Chippas as COO to Adapt Blockchain for Wall Street

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 8:13 am

Axoni, a Wall Street-linked startup creating blockchain solutions for the big banks, has hired Thomas Chippas as its new Chief Operating Officer, exemplifying how established financial industry figures are betting on the innovative technology. Prior to Axoni, Chippas was the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel Technology.

As Chief Operating Officer of Axoni, Chippas’ mission statement is now to be responsible for driving ongoing development of Axoni’s products and services, managing and broadening commercial engagements, and scaling the growing organization.

Beyond just Citadel, Chippas also has over twenty years of experience in both financial services technology firms and global investment banks. He was a Managing Director at Barclays Capital, a Managing Director at Deutsche ... (read more)