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Map o' Buried Treasure

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:09 pm
by Captain Pugwash
Ahoy Shipmates

Edit- I have just added the following - Feb 2015
My first incarnation on board this vessal, was as a fine chap, who went by the handle of skivers - here's me first post October 2010}

The School at II (Insanity Industries) has been ESSENTIAL to my journey.

Its where I started to mark up thousands of charts in an organized and structured fashion - met some great traders and kept the ideas flowing.

A BIG thanks to BREDIN for setting this school up and giving up his Sunday mornings most weeks for the last three years.........

Although he did rip me off to the tune of 150 bucks :evil: !!!!

Other than Sam Seiden the only information that I considered pretty important to my learning outside of Kreslik was the free stuff was priceless (to me).

AND Steve W at No Brainer Trades Again for me and how my brain works - priceless - but I didn't always appreciat just how priceless his information was.

My brain is often subject to close down on information overload

That chap on the T Shirt is Terry Thomas - a CAD a BOUNDER and a SCOUNDREL and an all around thoroughly bad untrustworthy ROTTER (the original Dick Dastardly) - a HERO!

(the original post starts here)
I really need to start saving and grouping important posts in one place. It will at least give me a starting point in knowing where to look.

I will upload the following threads as the original uploaded files are no longer available - just makes for easier reading offline!

The NLA thread

(to view open chrome and click ctrl +o and point to the html file half way down the list of pages - (you will need to do this for each page you view)

PAMOMO please allow time to download

Withnails superb thread made a massive difference to my trading and understanding of supply and demand trading - which seems to suit me (added Decomber 2012)

Copied this video from procharged Mopars thread - it is true!

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:14 pm
by Captain Pugwash
I'm going to add a few (probably inane) comments to some links - I will alter the comments as I understand more.

nice markup from Withnail

Thinking like a market maker by es/pip.

Humble's brillliantly simple explanation of how we trade

Withnail posted this screenshot - have a good look at it when reading es/pips Market Maker post.

A post from Aliassmith you might find interesting.

It looks like PP2 saw alias smiths post too. :)

how to use your space to scalp when your a position trader - by MO


TygerKranes second post has proved a great jumping off point.

The journey from novice to professional

A brilliantly different approach to account managment

Old NLA chart, and later revisit to it

PA excercise worth laminating

Lending Money and Trading the Returns

Do I have an an "excuse" - or a reason to exit?

Great recap from Fxtraveller

Can you find your way around, when the only thing you are looking at is your feet? - PTG

Diamond of Perception - another new one for me!! - it feels like price moves from its mean line - then resumes its journey along the line, but just in a different plane - until we get a new direction - Yeh, probably way out :-)

Diamond of Perception
Diamond chart

Tygers DoP Motherload

Either take a profit or take a loss

Only a fool moves his stops to break even or a small profit...

You get what you ask for and if you ask for break even or a small profit then that is what you are going to get; you might as well take your money right there and then.



[highlight=yellow]You can't escape mediocrity if you will not even fight for something that is highly probable end in your favor. - MO[/highlight]

MO on Combining Candles

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:42 pm
by Captain Pugwash
This is a subject I have yet to get my head around - this is very new to me at the moment, but it feels like we separating momentum from rest in the market - my links are in no particaular order and I am having to go through my saved bookmarks over the next few weeks.

do you combine candles?

Spatial Intellect, regrouping information so that it syncs with the price action is vital to successfully analyzing a chart.

I need to study these charts and start working on some of my own


EQ lines

combining candle questions and the chart

looking at non-momo from a different perspective

Bodies show the way when they close beyond the previous bars extreme price (with and without spatial intellect)

Spatial Intellect and rearranging periods of time is not basic.
If it isn't easy then you are doing something wrong -

[glow=red]It has been my experience that moving stops to even or a small profit virtually guarantees no profit or a small profit almost every time.

It is my belief that one should reduce risk by taking profit and not by moving stops...

but you do what you want -MO[/glow]

Trading is all about a price:

Momentum carries the price through "a price" and upon retracing beyond "a price" you place your trades in expectation that price will close lower than the line in a single period of time.

If it closes lower you hedge (get flat) only when a correction is imminent.

If you fight for long term position then long term position will fight for you.

What is wrong with this picture?

If you do not know what is wrong with that picture then you have no clue what is right with this picture:

I am asked these questions a lot:

Q: How do you enter

A: How do you enter

Q: Where do you enter

A: Off the daily+ extremes

Q: What stop loss do you use

A: What stop loss do you use

Glad I could be of some assistance - MO

two sets of charts posted - re a losing trade - how MO saw the charts

Just remember that profit is not made by way of an explosion of price from the point of your entry but from an implosion of risk. - MO

~Bodies show the way when they are compared to other bodies in the recent past.

Wicks show the way not when, after momentum

Way to make it pay Adaseb

Even the most skilled trader can be fooled in a single time frame, but he cannot be fooled in every time frame. - MO

rZL = Resistance ZL

And explanation

equilibrium lines and daily extremes

Equilibrium lines and Momentum Candles

I cannot find anything on your chart that I would do differently.

Check your daily chart - [Hmmmm more about extremes]

Bodies show the way...

Momo should unfold in an X-Y-X-Y pattern on some level...




Jesus, what happened
I enter off of high time frame extremes, on low charts, the moment I believe that price will make a move in the anticipated direction.

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:56 am
by Relativity
*likes this topic*

Ahhrrr - some Pirate's been diggin' afor me

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:18 pm
by Captain Pugwash
Well - this week I have discovered that another pirate has been diggin' well before me - TygerKrane has hit a motherload of gems and put them all in his thread.

I hope you do not mind me linking to them again here Tyger.

I am going to start backward by adding the treasure he asked me too -

How come you guys didn't tell me? ;-)

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:15 am
by Captain Pugwash
I am going to have to search for the post that lead to this chart! MO said something like "it was music" to him.
I am not sure if there was any debate about the chart - but it is really interesting just looking at it from a newb perceptive (for me)


One of the CC's colours shows momentum and rest clearly - but, just eyeballing the chart the other phases sort of show the way. (lower lows)
Yeh, I know I'm probably making an eejit of myself here. I feel I want to find out exactly how to replicate this chart so I can have a play :-)

Also its really Interesting how the lack of colours are so much clearer when showing this type of info - much like the subject pebble trader talks about, I think.

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:26 am
by PebbleTrader
"Also its really Interesting how the lack of colours are so much clearer when showing this type of info - much like the subject pebble trader talks about, I think."

Perception is an edge unto itself...hopefully nobody knows what I am talking about, but I also hope it will cause you to think and possibly walk down an alternate path you might not of known existed.

3 x CC which is what that chart shows is discussed in the "Blind Mouse" thread towards the end.

The Blind Mouse and 3xCC

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:54 am
by Captain Pugwash
Thanks PebbleTrader.

That's the first time I have had a direct pointer to athread where the 3x CC is discussed in detail - great! -Thanks!

I now have another treasure hunt on my hands! :arrow:

I am hoping that building this reference thread will help me keep some kind of organised record of the important stuff - especially as I am notoriously unorganized :oops:

And you are right shipmate - this is an alternate path, I had not known existed.

If red leads then that means that white found resistance?

Red leads green in this example because red is the forward shift. The CC that follows is always 1 shift left.

Draw your normal set of CC and then draw another set closing in the middle of the first. Next draw another set of CC closing in the middle of the second. _MO

-I was going to mark this chart up, but I thought that you might want to have a go at it:

Im playing a bit with your 3x3 CC idea. And here is what I see. - Manta

No, the leader does not switch after every close or you would simply be trading the original time frame thus making your box drawing activity a colorful waste of time.

There is one leader, one follower, and (two) candidates for leader.

The CC that leads is selected based on what you are seeing. - MO

Very nice observation Manta, I was saying the same thing to a friend in GT:

here is the quick 3xCC overview. It pretty much sums up everything I do... - Bredins Video

And Bredins Indicator

Red Leads

When you have bodies closing in the direction of profit it is really difficult to mess up on a trade. Either bodies, in x shift, cont. to close in your favor over time or you get out on a close higher. If you see a strong 3-bar run in any shift or a massive CC shows uu out of blue then liquidate.

Over time you will learn a few tricks and smirk when others ask you how you did the impossible. - MO

Yolandawu's Chart and There is so much that you can learn from that picture that it should be printed out =) - MO
At the risk of sounding like an eejit yet again - I have just realized the importance of something said here! -
Yo said " I am using black as my body so I assumed white is my wicks" and MO answered "your body/wick selection is spot on"
- I must have revisited that post more than 10 times before realizing the significance of that statement! - Cap'n

Thank you Bredin, your ii_CC_3X indicator works perfectly:

There is no "best" way to do anything

This chart is gold newscalper, can you SEE - Vane

The lead candle is (in my opinion, it just makes sense to me to see it this way)...... - Bredin

3cc to confirm or dis-confirm direction is just so logical - pablo101

just to confirm if you are thinking the same short entry as me - pablo101

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:03 am
by lazygeorge

I like what your doing with this thread and appreciate your efforts =D>

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:22 pm
by dojirock
Thank you Captain,

Turning out to be a QUICK source of refresher information on the Gold Nuggets here at Kreslik.