TRO - Forex vs Stocks? Plus some other Q's

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TRO - Forex vs Stocks? Plus some other Q's

Postby Headrockx » Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:09 pm

TRO - thanks much for your willingness to help all those here. I have read many of your topics/posts/threads, etc. I have been day trading one month and two weeks - primarily an Opening Bell Poppers stock strategy shorting stocks gapped up from their previous close. I have made 25 trades and 3 of them stopped out for losses -- so far. I have also tried the BuyZone strategy with Apple and Rimm. Here are my questions:

1. Do you prefer Forex trading over stock trading and why?

2. In regards to the Buyzone strategy for AAPL and RIMM, does this strategy work better when the stock price moves through the opposite zone first - past the previous close and into the other buy zone? The reason I am asking is, I may not be following the strategy correctly. I have entered trades with these stocks when they have, as an example, risen from below all zones, gone up through the short trade zone, may or may not continue to the previous close and then turned around heading back down into the short zone. Since it went down into the short trade zone (from above it - just not that far above), I have shorted it only to see it never finish the remainder .50 cent downward move and most of the time turn around and head back up. Same story in the opposite direction.

3. Do you enter a buyzone trade -- if the market (Nasdaq or SP500) is moving in the opposite direction? Perhaps fighting the overall market is part of the issue.

4. The opening fade or fill with AAPL and RIMM has lately tended to continue in the direction of the gap -- rather than move to the previous close. Any comments?

Thank you in advance for any answer you provide.

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