Trading - Then and Now

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Trading - Then and Now

Postby adaseb » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:07 am

Been a while since I logged into the forum.

If many of you are new here you might not remember me but I used to be an active poster a couple years ago.

I used to spend hours reading this forum and posting charts.

I look back and those sure where the good old days.

Trading back then was way different for me then what it is now. My whole ideology of what trading is back then is so much different then what it really is today.

It's sad to see such a good trading forum dry out.

Been almost 3 years since I started trading. Back then TRO, MO, es/pip, dragon33, PRO, AJ and we of course all remember lukx were all active posters. It makes me wonder if any of them are still around, or better yet if they are still trading.

I remember I used to spend countless amount of hours reading the NEVER LOSE AGAIN trade, I think I read it 2-3 times in total even.

I also remember how I started trading. I started trading stocks during the NY session when I was at work. I had a BOSS KEY to hide my terminal whenever my boss was around. I remember I used to trade the FAS (3x leverage financial indicie) or the AAPL options. I have no idea what made me enter or exit trades back then, I dont think I even had a method, or even an idea on what to look for. I think my method was just guessing. However since its was 2009 and the stock market was bullish all year, you could of bought horse dump and made money.

Those sure were the good old days.

Wondering if any of you are still around and what your doing?

I am still around, trading every day. My method hasn't changed by much, I typically only trade the European session and do a lot of Gold and DAX trading but still trade currencies if I see something I like.

Do I use any of the method learnt here such as MightyZones and Zline's? Perhaps but I don't really look for those areas to enter a trade but turns out many of my own setups form in an area thats known as a MO or Zline.

I got an iPhone a few months back and if I had rely on trading on a mobile app I probably would quit and get another career. In my opinion, unless your position trading stocks, you cannot day trade/scalp on an iPhone. The only good thing is if your internet or computer go down and you have a good way of liquidation your position.

Trading also changed my perspective on life. I realised that we are all bears and bulls competing against everything in life, be it money, great job, hot wife, etc. In trading you make money by someone else's loss but if you think about it. If you get the hot wife, somebody gets the ugly one. If you get the great paying job, someone else gets the minimum wage job. That is the situation all around the world even in a communist economy. What trading does is it puts that in perspective so you know what to really get what you want out of life instead of settling. Trading teaches you not to get emotional over anything because emotions are what leads to loss, poverty, ugly bitchy wife, depression, regret, etc. Trading teaches you that if you have something in demand, you make others work hard to get it from you. If you want something in high supply, you work the least to get it.

That is just my theory. Every trader has its own. If your new, you have thousands of theories, if you stick around long enough you will find that one that works for you.

So even if you don't make it as a trader, remember all that trading has taugh you and use it in your day to day lifestyle and you might not get loads of money out of it but might get a great job, hot wife, etc.

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Postby dojirock » Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:23 pm


nice to see ya back still here trying to learn from the archives...and a couple that are still nice enough to have not given up on me.
Glad to here your doing well. Thanks for all your past post and charts. If your ever looking for someone to mentor you know where I will

dojirock :D
ps...i have a hot wife...just no money.... hope i dont lose here to someone like you... :smt003
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Postby Humble » Fri Feb 17, 2012 1:15 am

dojirock wrote:ps...i have a hot wife...just no money....

Do you think above situation would change if you made more money :)

I think it was AJ, referred to above by Adaseb, had a quote that went something like, You will always lose money chasing women but never lose women chasing money.
Is price closing higher or lower than something? Simple yet powerful question. ..MO

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Postby MightyOne » Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:35 am

I only use long term extremes, bodies in the direction of profit, and Space.

I used to use insanely complicated methods, but since I can achieve the same results with a high/low/close I figure why bother.


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Postby forexbob » Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:23 pm

still around; although in the background.
good to see people drop in again etc.
further still trading;still working;still learning (thanks for all who are contributing);
still breathing ..... enjoying live !
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