Trade Zone Using Spreadsheet Data

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Trade Zone Using Spreadsheet Data

Postby AceKingTrader » Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:36 am

I was very excited to find this website!! I use trade zones as well, but my method of calculating is a little bit different. Nonetheless, I am excited to find that other traders use "zones" as well.

I do not have access to the high powered trading platforms, so I have to get by with more manual calculations. I download from Yahoo the historical data for a year into a spreadsheet. I then create two additional columns: High minus the Open, and Open minus the Low. I then can get a pretty good idea of resistance areas before a stock turns and goes in the other direction. If it breaks through that resistance "zone", then it usually continues in that direction. I find that if AAPL breaks above or below the Open plus or minus .41, then it will usually continue in that direction. Otherwise, it will turn and go in the opposite direction.

Again, I do not use a platform like Tradestation. I just use my broker supplied intraday chart data. Therefore, I manually calculate my "zones". I enter trades later, but I am just trying to decrease my statistical odds of a reversal.

Also, I enjoyed the interview on That is how I found this website.

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