Time zones, charts and TRO indicators

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Time zones, charts and TRO indicators

Postby Columba » Fri Nov 14, 2014 4:04 pm

Hi TRO --

I like to use the your Range Gauge, MM Candles and Magnified Mkt Price . . . but all these run off my Eastern time zone so new days for indicators commences at my midnight. Not really optimal since the trading world (often) sees new trading days as beginning with the NY close/Australia open.

This seems to limit the full utility of the indicators, which in themselves are wonderful. Is there any way to modify the indicators to begin a 'new day' at a different hour? Obviously, MT4 is no help it seems.

By the way, is the GPS (build 600 compliant) in the 2014 donational bundle?

Hope you are enjoying the Bandon area. Used to live over the hills in the southern Willamette Valley. Not quite your ex-southern Arizona winters.

Best regards, Dave

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