NEW_TEXT misfires on tick/volume TS charts

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NEW_TEXT misfires on tick/volume TS charts

Postby Ringo » Mon Nov 05, 2007 3:56 am

The Tradestation instruction NEW_TEXT( DATE, TIME, POSITION(High, Low) when using volume or tick charts does not always place the label below the low or above the high of the current bar.

Tradestation says it's because tradestation draws chart resolutions in minute increments and not second increment.

In the attached example, the word "Long" is plotted using NEW_TEXT(DATE, TIME, LOW, "Long") drawing the word "Long" in the chart but it is plotted on the first time of 14:59 and is not plotted on the currentbar at 14:59.

I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a coded fix for this.

Thanks in advance.


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