MBT Nav Tips and Tricks (please submit here)

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MBT Nav Tips and Tricks (please submit here)

Postby prochargedmopar » Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:20 pm

I've seen a few members using this for trading.

es/pip, do you have any helpful hints for ease of entry/exit while scalping?

The only real complaint I have is once a TTO is set and trade is live that I have to cancel the + orders (leaving me exposed) while trying to close part of a position.

When I'm scalping I'd like to pull some out of the market at certain levels and by the time I cancel and the close part many times the exit price has already pulled back.
Is there any way around this.

And about the Trade Through feature, is this the way to go.

Any and all opinions or tips would be great!!

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