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Postby Jalarupa » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:34 am

thanks humble!

well I'm no expert on the subect but luckliy we have many experts joining the eco village.

firstly we will employ patented (the guys a freaking bush mechanic of note) devices that allow for sun powered refrigeration and freezing of foods. then fit all homes with solar geysers and as much solar pannels as we can afford to charge batteries for the evening. and a generator or two to maintain critical systems water pumps ect.however i know there is a technology we will be employing that pumps water with water pumped if that makes sense...possibly even a couple of wind turbines to create excess.

the organization is essentially lead by an elected village council and we respect all belief systems. the only strict rules are no meat eating, intoxication and the law of the country.
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