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Cashless Society - We won't go quietly!

Postby eudamonia » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:16 pm

Some days I think that maybe my pirate friends here (like Avery) are just a little too extreme; maybe we're just wackadoo misfits in society.

Maybe we are...

But reading several of today's headlines made me realize that it is the Sheeple who are the real misfits. They just don't get it: ... ss-society ... did=206991

Hell no, I won't go to a cashless society where big brother can monitor my every electronic purchase or plunder my payroll check before it hits my account; I want my Swiss Francs, Euros, and US Dollars. Let's get freakin' real I want my gold chains, gold coins, and gold pirate booty.

And if the U.S. ever dares try this I am going full pirate hitting the 7 seas trading 700:1 leverage naked except for my pirate hat. I'm robbing' the Illuminati right now (stealin? their Euros) to fund my yacht which I will smuggle out of the country, mount my anti-aircraft gun to the front bow, revoke my U.S. passport, go 5 flags PT underground, and plunder and pillage the high seas.
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