Calling all BuyZone or DrainTheBanks Traders

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Calling all BuyZone or DrainTheBanks Traders

Postby kiwiautotrader » Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:02 pm

Hey there,

Nice to meet you all , AJ from New Zealand here.

Hey as with most people here I have spent hours and hours and hours trawling through hundreds of previous threads ,watching,listening learning and have found this site to be absolutely fascinating.

Never before have I come across such a focused, collective group of people in a forum ,it certainly stands out from other sites (which we will not name) and is a credit to all the participants. Congratulations!

Of particular interest to me have been the buyzone / draintherats strategies that seem to be the basis for lots of people strategies (or at least judging by the dates on posts they have been at some point over the last two or three years.

I was wondering, who out there is actively trading these strategies as their core strategy with some success?

It would be really inspirational to hear of people actively successfully trading either of these strategies in the current day and age :)

Again, nice to meet you all,

Cheers, AJ

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