CME Remains First Place in Terms of Volumes: FIA

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CME Remains First Place in Terms of Volumes: FIA

Postby » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:53 pm

According to the trading volumes survey for 2015 published by the Futures Industry Association (FIA), the US Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is still in first place among 78 exchanges of derivatives instruments in the world, reporting trading volume growth to 3.5 billion contracts (+2.6%) year-over-year (YoY).

The official press release published by the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) states that all of the three commodity futures exchanges in Mainland China ranked within the top 10 entities in terms of number of contracts. DCE’s trading volumes in 2015 totaled 1.116 billion contracts which allowed its jump in the rankings to 8th position ... (read more)

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