Analysis: Brexit Won’t Be Bad for Retail Brokers

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Analysis: Brexit Won’t Be Bad for Retail Brokers

Postby » Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:22 pm

Anyone that has stepped foot in Great Britain since June 23rd of 2016 will have heard the high-pitched, menopausal screeching of the British bourgeoisie. Already a snobby, perpetually sourpussed group of people prior to Brexit, since that fateful summer day they have totally lost the plot. Endlessly lamenting their country’s prospective departure from the European Union (EU), they have rained down a hail storm of hatred on the foolish plebs who dared to vote for it.

But once you’ve managed, like Odysseus’ crew of old, to fill your ears with enough beeswax to block out their wailing, you can actually start ... (read more)

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