Virtual Reality Cryptocurrency Voxel Added to Bittrex

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Virtual Reality Cryptocurrency Voxel Added to Bittrex

Postby » Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:33 pm

Voxelus, a virtual reality content creation platform startup, has announced that its “app store for VR content” marketplace is now live and that its Voxel (VOX) in-game cryptocurrency will begin trading on the Bittrex with other cryptocurrency exchanges set to follow. In addition, Voxels will be listed on ShapeShift by the end of April. ShapeShift founder/CEO Erik Voorhees was responsible for naming the in-game cryptocurrency token and ShapeShift was an early investor in Voxels and facilitated its $500,000 crowdsale in December.

Voxelus claims its marketplace is the world’s largest source of virtual reality content right now, with more ... (read more)

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