UBS 2015 Annual Report Sees Net Profit Hit CHF 6.2B

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UBS 2015 Annual Report Sees Net Profit Hit CHF 6.2B

Postby » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:16 am

Today UBS has released its 2015 annual report where the banking conglomerate cited how the absence of credible improvements in the Euro-Zone and geo-political uncertainty added to the overall financial market uncertainty during 2015, including the Swiss Franc anomaly that occurred last January, and weakness in the Chinese economy towards the end of the year as all having had an impact on its business, among other external market developments.

Yet, against these market conditions the company was able to achieve a net profit of CHF 6.2 billion attributable to shareholders, and which represents an increase of 79% when compared to 2014’s total. ... (read more)

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