Tradebook's STAZ Strategy Analyzer Gets In-Trade Upgrade

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Tradebook's STAZ Strategy Analyzer Gets In-Trade Upgrade

Postby » Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:36 pm

The agency brokerage business operated by Bloomberg Tradebook has today revealed a product improvement to its Strategy Analyzer (STAZ) tool for traders, adding a new feature called In-Trade, which as the name implies provides in-trade functionality, in addition to existing pre-trade and post-trade features to the trading platform.

STAZ, aimed towards institutional investors and traders, brings several components together, including the Bloomberg data and analytics tools, with predictive models from Tradebook, and provides traders the ability to optimize their trading methodologies in real-time while aiming towards improved execution.

The idea in adding In-Trade functionality was to provide traders with a window ... (read more)

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