TradAir Starts Cooperation with African SBSA

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TradAir Starts Cooperation with African SBSA

Postby » Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:53 am

TradAir, a provider of front office optimization solutions for financial institutions, announced today a new cooperation with Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA). The aim of the partnership is to improve SBSA’s two-day dollar-rand (USDZAR) market-making capabilities on a global scale.

The official press release states that TradAir will additionally help with increasing coverage in the field of major African currencies, implementing its services in all eighteen regional trading centers through the continent. Under the agreement, SNBS will also benefit from TradAir NOW, offering foreign exchange trading analytics in real time.

TradAir NOW was launched in early April 2016 and it ... (read more)

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