OneMarketData Unveils New OneTick Strategy Backtesting Platform

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OneMarketData Unveils New OneTick Strategy Backtesting Platform

Postby » Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:00 am

OneMarketData, LLC, an industry forerunner in tick data management, has launched OneTick Strategy Backtesting, a new platform for strategy development and large-scale backtesting for multiple asset classes, according to a OneMarketData statement.

OneMarketData is the architect of OneTick, a comprehensive enterprise solution for event stream processing and tick data management – the product is also a OneMarketData paramount product.

The new platform is powered by OneTick, which boasts a series of backtesting measures with other utilities including profitability strategies, profit factors, Sharpe Ratio, and a robust historical database. OneTick will also be extending a fully featured strategy development initiative, yielding the most ... (read more)

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