Monex’s Monthly Revenues Taper Off in February 2016

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Monex’s Monthly Revenues Taper Off in February 2016

Postby » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:22 am

Japan’s Monex Group has today reported its monthly consolidated financial results for February 2016, showing a drop from the previous month’s strong figures. The company reported that in the second month of 2016 total revenues amounted to ¥4.099 billion ($36.7 million), which is down 6.5 per cent compared with January’s equivalent (¥4.381 billion).

Looking at the financial expenses of the Monex Group for the month, the figure came in at ¥288 million ($2.58 million) which is lower by 20.2 per cent when compared to January 2016. As a result the operating revenue after financial expenses came in at just 5.2 per cent lower – ¥3.810 4.020 billion ($34.1 ... (read more)

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