Markit Introduces MarkitSERV FX Broker Affirmation Service

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Markit Introduces MarkitSERV FX Broker Affirmation Service

Postby » Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:22 pm

Markit (Nasdaq: MRKT), a global provider of financial information services, has introduced a new service as part of its comprehensive offering, tapped MarkitSERV FX Broker Affirmation, which enables banking groups to affirm foreign exchange (FX) trades executed by inter dealer brokers, according to a Markit statement.

The passage of the launch has also seen the sign up of this service by several industry entities, including a total of seven inter dealer brokers and eight banks – as a result, the newly implemented service will look to engender Markit’s latest efforts to augment its centralized solutions in the FX space.

Currently, Markit boasts ... (read more)

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