Japanese Investigators Suspect $105m Forex Investment Scam

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Japanese Investigators Suspect $105m Forex Investment Scam

Postby kreslik.news » Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:56 am

According to Japanese newspaper Japan Times, the local prosecutor office in Nagoya is looking for a court order to freeze the assets of two individuals accused of alleged fraud related to what appears to have been an investment scheme. According to the officials, the perpetrators are alleged to have defrauded investors to the tune of $104.9 million (¥11.7 billion).

Two individuals are the alleged perpetrators of the Japanese forex scheme. One of them is the 48 year-old manager of a company that organizes trading seminars, Masaaki Ito. He has a track record, having been accused seven times of embezzlement. At the time, 160 clients suffered damages ... (read more)

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