ITG January 2016 Volumes Rebound After Weak Year End

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ITG January 2016 Volumes Rebound After Weak Year End

Postby » Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:27 am

ITG (NYSE:ITG), an independent execution broker and financial technology provider, released today its US trading volumes for January 2016. According to ITG’s data, last month saw a strong rebound after consecutive declines.

Total trading volumes stood at 3 billion shares and ADV (average daily volume) was 159 million shares. ITG showed an increase in MoM volumes, from a total monthly volume of 2.8 billion shares and AVD of 129 million shares in December 2015.

However, January 2016 was weaker in volumes YoY. January 2015 saw a record high in trading volumes, reaching a total of 3.6 billion traded shares and ADV ... (read more)

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