FX Algo Trends: Trading in a Multi-Asset Class World

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FX Algo Trends: Trading in a Multi-Asset Class World

Postby kreslik.news » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:58 pm

The more FX markets move to electronic trading, the more algos are deployed. And while any discussions of algorithmic trading continue to be dominated by latency, at this point speed has become mostly commoditized.

“Everybody is always trying to get faster, and closer to the physical limits that any given infrastructure can offer them,” said James Dalton, Global Head of Algorithmic Execution at CitiFX.
The innovation is that we start to see algos on all these derivative products…

Six or seven years ago, he added, there was a gap between many sell-side firms market connectivity compared to the ultra-high frequency trading community, but ... (read more)

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